Thursday, May 18, 2006


Earning ones own salvation must be a painful exhaustive experience - that i'm sure many arminians and Roman Catholics in apostate christianity are currently experiencing.
I've been there friends, for it was God's mercy that moved me away from arminian heresy and showed me the brilliant truth of grace.

"If any man doth ascribe of salvation, even the very least, to the free will of man, he knoweth nothing of grace, and he hath not learnt Jesus Christ aright."
-Martin Luther

According to Arminianism

1) Chapter 7 of Paul's Epistle to the Romans refers to the unbeliever and not the believer.

2) Man has the capability to choose or reject God even while unregenerate.

3) God provides a "common grace" that is given to all men, that enables them to overcome the effects of the fall and gives sufficient power to exercise their "free will" in order to choose or reject God.

4) God "predestines" to salvation only those people who He "foreknows" that in the future will choose Him through their own free will. God's action is dependent on the choice that a person makes.

5) As a result of the ability to exercise "free will", even after becoming a Christian or becoming regenerate, a person can reject the faith, fall away, lose their salvation and be condemned to hell.

6) Assurance of salvation cannot be known and people can lose and regain their salvation as they will, sometimes many times.

May i warn you that this is not the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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